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What is Technology for HOME?

Technology for HOME (T4H) offers a team approach to person centered assistive technology (AT) consultation and technical assistance to help individuals with disabilities live more independently. People who want to stay home or move home direct the outcome; we assist with the technology resources. The AT consultant will provide possible solutions and communicate with the county to develop a plan.

What does Technology for HOME offer?

Consult with the person

Our person-centered team will meet with the person at locations of their choice to assess their needs.

Connect to resources

The AT team will connect with the person their school, their family, and across their lives to resources that will help them live in their own homes more independently.

Conduct follow-up services

Technology for HOME will follow-up with the person to ensure the resources resolved any issues that were found during consultation.

This program provides services for AT but not funding for the AT equipment; that plan will be outlined and communicated clearly with the person and county as a team develops a plan.

Who may qualify for this service?

Individuals who qualify for this service need to:

  • Be receiving home care or home and community based waiver services,
  • Be living in their own home and potentially benefit from AT for safety, communication, community engagement, or independence,
  • Be seeking to live in their own home and need AT to meet that goal.

For more information

If you believe that you may qualify for services under Technology for Home, or if you are a Lead Agency, Family Member or other Service provider for a person that may qualify, please contact us.

Take a look at a flyer about Technology for HOME:

Speech-language pathologists and occupational therapists have an important role to play in reducing interfering behavior and improving a person’s quality of life.  In partnership with the Minnesota Department of Human Services, Technology for HOME was able to provide in-home assistive technology intervention for  adults with interfering behavior, communication and sensory challenges. This training video will provide professionals with information on how communication and sensory interventions can be used as positive support strategies.